Technology enhanced service for Houston and Southeast Texas

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Invested in innovations

To provide the best service for our Houston and Southeast Texas customers, we invest in cutting-edge systems and hardware.

Pay with card

Use your debit card or credit card to make a purchase at any one of our vending machines or micro-markets.

Pay by phone

With our vending machines and kiosks, users have the option to buy products using their mobile device.


Our vending machines meet Energy Star requirements in order to save electricity.

Recycling programs

We continually optimize our recycling programs, such as our process to recycle product packaging.

Sensor-enhanced delivery

Infrared technology inside our vending machines guarantee a product is delivered, or trigger a refund.

Remote monitoring

With wireless capabilities, our equipment is now online, showing real time sales and 100% transparency.

Ready for advanced refreshment services? Contact Empire Vending at or 281-698-0678.

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