Professional food vending machines serving Houston and Southeast Texas

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Delicious entrees and food snacks

Eliminate the need to go off site to satisfy hunger with food options available in your break room.

Employee benefit

A food vending machine is a great perk to offer staff as it lets them save time during breaks and eat well on-site.

Professionally prepared

All our food items are made at an FDA-approved facility with strict food handling safety standards.

Variety of options

Hand pick the food items that will best suit your location from our line of prepared food items.

Food enhances your break room

By offering food options to your Houston and Southeast Texas employees, you are elevating their benefits. It transforms the break room into a place to enjoy healthy food options and collaborate over breaks and meals. Offering food is a perk that benefits everyone from multiple shift workers to those just grabbing a quick lunch.

Keep employees on location with an excellent food vending machine program from Empire Vending at or 281-698-0678.

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