Custom office coffee service providers for Houston and Southeast Texas

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Explore what your OCS could be

We cater to companies of all sizes in delivering that “just right” office coffee service, including personalizing the brewers and coffee offerings.

Different beverage varieties

We carry all the popular, local, and value brands of coffee and tea to create your ideal service.

Must-have supplies

Have us stock your break room with the coffee break essentials, such as stir sticks, creamers, napkins, etc.

Positive perk

Cafe quality coffee at work is an important benefit for today’s coffeeshop-loving employees.

Bulk product delivery

Add other essentials to your coffee order, such as bottled water and snacks, for better pricing and free delivery.

Fresh by the cup

Enjoy the convenience of a single-cup brewer that makes multiple types of beverages one cup at a time. It’s always fresh and there is no cross contamination.

Quality by the pot

Traditional coffee brewers are still the best way to make a high volume of coffee by the pot or in a thermal. Sophisticated equipment ensures it brews and stays delicious.

Tea options

Reward tea-loving employees with a line up of finely crafted teas. We make it easy with our customizable tea solution that includes green tea, which has been shown to have health benefits.

Office coffee and water filtration services in Houston and Southeast Texas

Drink more water

Our water filtration units ensure you can enjoy delicious, pure tasting water either on its own or to enhance your hot beverage.

  • Systems are connected to your water line for continuous use.
  • Options include countertop and floor standing models.
  • All units provide the choice of hot and cold, on-demand.
  • Fresh tasting water improves coffee and tea drinks as well.
  • Traditional 5 gallon bottled water coolers are also available.
Provide the best coffee break in Houston or Southeast Texas with service from Empire Vending at or 281-698-0678.

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